ACTS are suppliers of Occupational Health Monitoring Equipment including:

• Audiometers
• Mobile / Screening & Diagnostic Booths
• Spirometers
• Vision Screeners
• ACTS Integrated Occupational Health Software
• Training Courses (Audiometry, Spirometry and Vision Screening).


ACTS also market both the Koko Spirometers with its advanced software.  Training on the use of the spirometers and its software is provided on installation.  The spirometers comply with the latest ATS/ERS and local SATS/SANS 451 standards.

Spirometer calibration checks are also performed at request from the clients as per recommendation.

Vision Screening

The VT1 device is intended for occupational health services and preventive medicine specialists. This instrument of high technology optical, electronic and computer engineering measures visual acuity and screens for visual problems.

Our instruments meet all International and South African Standards and carry a full warranty