About Us

Company Profile

M.D Van Heerden & J Van Heerden

ACTS is an existing business that was founded in 1995 by J Van Heerden.In  the  past  15  years  the  company  excelled  into  a  recognized  entity  in  the  Occupational  Health  and Safety,  Medical  and  business  fields.  Our  staff  comprise  of  a  team  of  experts  (specialists)  in  training,  technical,  manufacturing  sales  and  business administration.

Since the years of it’s founding ACTS has made a considerable impact in Industry  and Mining in the fields of Occupational Health and Safety in the workplace.Our lengthy record of accomplishment in: physiology, noise assessment, audiometry and vision screening stretch over more than 30yrs with the Chamber of Mines and the CSIR research laboratories. 

The success of any company is based in the training of it’s employees.

Our contribution to society is based on organized well structured hands on practical and theoretical training techniques Making use of well structured training material accredited by the Department of Labour.Our aim is to maintain and provide quality training, which comply with the latest research findings and legislation requirements.Our association with the SA Medical and Dental Council and the Ear Institute provides us with advanced technology and recommendations in improving hearing conservation

Vision Statement

Our  Vision  is  to  extent  our  potential  to  enable  future  job  creation  and  growth  especially  for  the  underprivileged  and  promote  health  and  safety  in  the  workplace.
We remain  dedicated  to  achieve  our  vision  and  compliance  to  high  quality  standards in Industry and Mining in the Occupational Health Environment