Screening Audiometers

Smart Tone - Automatic/Manual Audiometer

The SMART TONE Automatic Audiometer uses the latest technology to deliver quick and accurate audiograms via an extremely easy-touse touchscreen with an intuitive icon interface. Gone are the days of “cheat sheets” and having to memorize multiple key functions — now you can simply sit down and use it!

The SMART TONE is a new type of audiometer. It takes the place of old audiometers with small displays and function keys that take months of use to memorize. Included are all the features you’d expect: automatic testing, storage, printing, transfer, and a built-in talk-over microphone. Even better. SMART TONE costs no more than the competition.

Easy to Use

  • Touch-and-open to operate, with intuitive
  • icon interface Simple to save and print
  • Easy data storage and transfer Built-in talk-over microphone with volume control and automatic pause Performs fast and accurate audiograms Saves and transfers results
  • Connects to PC via USB Cost-effective automated testing.

Accurate and Repeatable Testing
•Automatic printing and saving, with reminder for unsaved audiograms.
•Validity Check Feature (checks agreement of 1kHz threshold).
•Detects wide range of testing errors.
•Mark for Retest Feature reduces manual testing.
•Optional 8kHz testing in sequence.
•Visual and audible end-of-test and error alarms.

All the Features You Need
•Automatic and Manual Pure-Tone Audiogram
•Screen brightness adjustment
•Smart, streamlined design
•Optional thermal printer,
•auto-ranging medical-grade power supply (EN60601-1 approval)
•and storage for 300 audiograms

Versatile by Design
Connects to ACTS Pure Tone Audiometry Module
USB connection to PC (Windows 7, Vista and XP drivers included)

Built to last
Handsome plastic outer case, with inner metal frame for rugged durability
Long-life moisture-resistant patient response switch