Audiometric Software

ACTS Puretone Audiometric software

100% Instruction 171 and Milestone Baseline/STS Compliant
ACTS Puretone is a next generation product suite enabling you to implement an easy and cost-effective hearing conservation program. The product supports up to sixteen concurrent audiometers from a single personal computer.

The product is built using Microsoft’s Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) and the .NET 4.0 development framework, employing a cutting-edge user interface design to provide a compelling end-user experience. Microsoft™ SQL Server 2008 Express is used as the data store, allowing a robust and scalable foundation for the application.

(All these technologies are available as free downloads from Microsoft™.)Major Features

  •  Support for an unlimited number of companies, with each company’s organizational structure and demographical information being configurable using the flexible structure editor.
  • Ability to import and update patient HR information from native Excel spreadsheets, allowing for dynamic column mapping between HR info and ACTS-Puretone database structures.
  • Quick and easy patient selection based on a combination of a partial company number, surname, name and/or ID number.
  • Ability to capture and store patient photos from any supported web camera for reliable patient identification.
  • Comparison of any combination of historical audiograms on printer or on-screen audio graph for easy trend identification.
  • Built-in routines to migrate data from a variety of legacy applications, including ACTS version 1 and 2, Everest and AMS.
  • Availability of a wide variety of standard individual and group reports, with the ability to export and store reports in Adobe PDF, Excel or Word format.