AVX 1.2


Industrial Audiometric Screening Booth

The AVX1.2 audiometric booth is designed and manufactured to meet all relevant SANS and ISO standards for screening audiometric enclosures. All materials used in the construction of the product are of the highest quality and comply with the recommended SANS and ISO standards for acoustic enclosures.

All panels are manufactured in accordance with ISO 9001. High density polyurethane or mineral wool providing excellent acoustic thermal properties is used in the core. The inner and outer surfaces consist of 65mm pre-painted metal sheets. Fire resistance ratings have been obtained in compliance with EN 13823 and SANS 10177 fire rating standards.

All panels are manufactured from 2mm powder coated sand paper structured mild steel panels. Additional insulation is provided using rock wool, flatex diamond patterned mesh and various sound dampening materials.

An anti vibration platform is fitted to the floor covered with a thick carpet with absorptive qualities in addition the room is mounted on rubber coated high strength industrial caster wheels providing additional anti vibration dampening.

The ventilation system comprises of and acoustically designed attenuated maize and an ultra silent ventilation fan.

The door opener consist of a stainless steel handle on the outside and the door can be opened 270 degrees from the inside pushing it outwards.

Three heavy duty hinges allow the door to open 270 degrees opening from left to right facing the booth from the outside.

Door Seal
The door is fitted with a double 15mm magnetic compression seal.

Two 6mm thick safety glass panels are fitted into a black sand paper finished powder coated frame. The window size is 500mm wide and 550mm high.

Alvex 1,5mm 2 core +E is used for all connections and a 3m lead including a 3 pin ISA socket and plug is included.

An energy saving 8w cool white strip light ensuring efficient illumination is fitted inside the booth.

Work Platform
A 600mm x 800mm counter top is mounted on the side of the booth just below
the window for positioning of the audiometer.

Booth Connection Sockets
The booth is supplied with 5 stereo connected jack plug sockets in close proximity to the work platform.

A comfortable build in chair (complete width of the booth) is included.

A sandpaper white powder coating finish is used to enhance the appearance of the booth rounding it off with a black window frame.

Four ultra heavy duty rubber casters are fitted below the floor panel ensuring ease of mobility. The design of the booth allows for easy fitting through a standard sized door. After installation the booth is ready for use within minutes.

5 year structural guarantee

Technical Specifications