Koko PFT Spirometer


With decades of pace-setting performance, KoKo® Sx 1000 spirometer’s easy-to-use, advanced technology provides secure, dependable, and consistent results for faster, more confident interpretations.

Independently validated accuracy and precision 

  • Meets ATS/ERS guidelines for both ambient and BTPS conditioned air
  • Provides industry-best resolution and accuracy
  • The Fleisch pneumotachometer compensates for environmental variances

Reduced per-test costs

  • Lifetime flow sensors reduce replacement and recalibration costs
  • Cost-conscious consumables reduce cost of operation

Excellent reliability with a 98% uptime guarantee

  • Advanced engineering and design requires very little maintenance
  • Full service and support is included with every supplies agreement

Advanced design for easier testing

  • Blends sophisticated features with a friendly, intuitive interface
  • Reliable performance requires fewer efforts to get usable results
  • Low resistance is easier on sick patients

Enhanced efficiency and time savings

  • Enables direct verification of patient demographics
  • Ability to manipulate data after the fact (new, best, etc.) to avoid retesting

Integrated with Iris™ Respiratory Information System

  • Automates transmission of visit data to the next inbox in workflow
  • Collects more types of data in one location (including patient-reported data and questionnaires)
  • EMR interoperability via Iris Connect
  • Validated, organized, and accessible data supports more informed medical decisions to improve patient outcomes
  • Improved patient management can reduce costs across the healthcare system