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Training Course in Industrial Audiometry & Hearing Assessment Inc. Instruction 171
[Course Approved & Accredited by the Department of Labour)

Audiometry Course [5 Days) • Refresher Course ( l Day)

This Course in Industrial Audiometry and Hearing Assessment is structured to equip audiometrists, overseers,
management and Training personnel with the necessary knowledge and skills to effectively manage and control a hearing assessment centre.
Noise in Industry is a hazard, which contributes to accidents, interferes with communication and cause
physiological and psychological stresses in the human body. The Occupational Health and Safety ACT stipulates
that workers employed in working areas above 85dB (A) must have their hearing assessed on an initial and regular basis in order to prevent impairment. At the end of this course, participants should be able to perform all requirements relating to the ACT. Inaccurate hearing test results can be costly, due to unwanted and unnecessary referrals.
Hearing impairment does not only affect the individual but also contribute to costly compensation claims which could have serious financial implications to the company responsible for the individual’s hearing loss.

On completion of the course, candidates will have a thorough knowledge of controlling instrument accuracy, performance of hearing tests, calculations of percentage hearing loss, referrals and categorization.

Counseling on the importance of hearing conservation and the proper use of hearing protectors will contribute
to the lowering of risks to the worker and employer. The latest legislation Instruction 171 is also included In the course. All participants need to register with SASHON after the successful completion of the course in order to register as a practicing audiometrist.

Spirometry Training Course: (3 Days)
• Students will receive a full course manual.
• Training course complies with SANS451:2008 and is in line with Spirometry Unit Standard SAQA252125
• Three days: First day comprehensive theory, second day includes theory, practical, hands on equipment and the third day revision and written test.
• The candidate must pass the test with a minimum of 70% and complete an assignment, including 1 D patient results illustrating acceptability and repeatability spirograms.
• On successful completion of an assignment the trainee will receive a competency certificate.
• Unsuccessful students can arrange to rewrite the test within two weeks, with an additional cost.
• The training equipment used meets and exceeds the ATS-ERS2005 and SANS451 :2008 South African National Spirometry Standard.

Vision Training Course: (1 Day)
Vision Screening in Mines and Industry forms an important sector of Occupational Health, as it serves to identify Individuals having difficulties with poor visual acuity, colour and depth perception. The effects of these shortcomings attribute to unsafe high risk factors causing accidents, lack of concentration and poor performance in the work place.

In schools and universities the emphasis might be placed on lack of concentration and poor performance.
Currently vision screening is not compulsory and employees or learners might have their own eye care practitioners or optometrists whom they rather prefer.

Vision screening must only be seen as an entry level investigation procedure to identify individuals in need of referral for a comprehensive eye examination.

The Course Consists out of:
• Physics of Light
• Anatomy and Physiology of the Eye
• Assessment of Visual Acuity
• Colour Perception
• Rules as stipulated by the HPCSA